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[Fixed] TutuTweak: Bag/Case/Quiver of Plenty


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The Bag, Case and Quiver of Plenty from the Exotic Items Component give ammo that counts as magical, I can hit Vampiric Wolves, Flesh Golems etc. with them, although they should give normal ammo.

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I noticed that too, but at least I had the decency not to ruin it for everybody else.  Remember, everyone, when you can't hit stuff you could hit before that it's all Nim's fault! :)  :D

Well, now guess who is responsible that they don't give a ThAC0 and Damage bonus anymore too :D

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You may want to adjust the price of the ____ of plenty's , (or raise the price of buying normal ammo) IIRC it was ~600Gp for one, with the larger store stacks I can get 120 items for 1 GP, at that rate I can buy a whole lot of ammo (~72,000) for that much, it's not worth buying them at that price. Even at stock stacks, (10-40) that's still 6,000-24,000, so far this game I've spent ~10Gp on ammo of various types, mostly bullets.

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