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Area animation fields

Guest avenger_work

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Guest avenger_work

Someone might want to check the area animation fields.

I think there is a field for transparency (alpha level)

Iirc, 0x2a

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Ok, since everyone is lazy, I had to do this:


0x0038 2 (word) Unknown

0x003a 2 (word) Transparency (255 equals invisible)

0x003c 2 (word) Starting frame (0 equals random, synchronised draw will clear it)

0x003e 1 (byte) Chance of looping (0 will default to 100)

0x003f 1 (byte) Skip cycles

0x0040 8 (resref) Palette

0x0048 4 (dword) Unknown, unused



0x0038 is an interesting field, it could be another percentile value, but i couldn't discover its meaning.


Note, most likely these fields exist only in SoA/ToB


You will see how transparency works if you set it to a middle value, like 128.

Skip cycles shows best with 1 or 2 and a medium long frame count.

Chance of looping is quite noticeable with a value of 15-50.


Extreme values will render the animation invisible or immobile for a long time.

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