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Questions about Racial Enemy


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Is it possible to implement true racial enemy for a non- ranger class? How does the game implement racial enemy? I searched and couldn't find any posts that explains this. It's not an effect, spell, gained ability or class ability. Is it hard- coded to the ranger class or maybe it's tied to one of the usability slots? I looked at haterace.2da and there is also a racehate.2da that isn't described yet.


Also it seems like it'd be possible to add the humanoid races (dwarf, elf, human, etc...) to the racial enemy list since they are listed in race.ids. What other files need to be changed?





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Guest avenger_work

haterace.2da may contain player races.


It seems hated race is hardcoded to rangers.


racehate.2da is unused, i think.

You can check this by looking for the string in bgmain.exe

if you don't find racehate, then it isn't used.

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*agrees with avenger (generally a wise thing to do)*


There's a field in the .cre file to hold a racial enemy, so in theory any class could have a racial enemy, in practice, due to the hard-codedness of the engine, only rangers can.



Of course, there's always the (relatively low) chance it could be set by an unknown opcode or some such, so, if anyone wants to reseach it (or anything else), please do! :)

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Hated Enemy gives (hardcoded) +4 to thac0, and updates stat 49: HATEDRACE.


Theoretically, if you change stat 49 you can change racial enemy; in any event, that stat works for sniffing the racial enemy (we use it in Refinements).

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Does the value of the stat depend on which enemy is selected, or is it just on/off?

It's the race of the racial enemy, as per race.ids. If a creature doesn't have a racial enemy (EG a fighter), it's set to 255 No Race or to 0 Not Used, according to chance or some similar scientific mean of deciding.

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