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What is the 'Super Happy Fun Lucky Modder Pack'?

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Since we don't have a readme, I'll go ahead and answer this here. The Super Happy Fun Lucky Modder Pack (SHFLMP) will undergo a name change before we release since it's very vague and woolly.


First, a bit of background. Often times modders face similar problems that require similar solutions. Creating better AI, for example, required the ability to determine what spells were being thrown around. This led directly to the creation of Detectable Spells, a mod package that alters spells in such a way so that AI scripts can determine what spells are active on what targets, how to counter them, etc. DS is included in a number of mods such as Oversight and Ascension. At other times the changes that are a lot simpler--any mod that wants to use an area script in, say, the Five Flagons needs to add one, so several mods do so. As the code increases in complexity, so does the maintenance issue.


The idea behind the SHFLMP is to combine a lot of this common code into a single package. Given that we're going to advocate the Fixpack in the place formerly reserved for Baldurdash (after the official patch, before mods) including these common code chunks will remove the maintenance issue for modders and ensure that players have the most up-to-date code. The changes included are invisible to the player and will not affect gameplay, but we would shoot for the goal where a mod like Oversight would simply say 'requires SHFLMP'. The goal would be to advocate that players always install it--but again, it's separate from the core bugfixes to also satisfy the players who only want the 'pure' bugfixes. (This goal is also why we have the Optional But Cool section of the Fixpack.)


There are more behind-the-scenes changes. Modders get an expanded array of scripting tokens and area scripts are assigned to any area that does not already have one. Several old BG dialogues are purged, making several automatic bug checks in tools such as DLTCEP and Near Infinity useful again.

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