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Men Bashing for a Good Cause


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I hereby announce a small competition for the best bashing of males. I need it for Shar-Teel's player initiated talks - basically, the more the merrier, because I figure she should have an unending supply :) Anything from tongue in cheek opinions on mankind in general to complex and well-thought-through curses describing particular Bg1 male NPCs goes.

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Shouted accross the wide plains of Alberta :) While I think that posting in the open will encourage more submissions and will be sort of fun, I do not mind getting ideas in private as well :D Then I can post 'A Curse of the Day' or something...

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I have taken some of these from the web and...baldurizied them...


-The Gods Love stupid people, that's why they made so many men!


-A man is a king, a king is a ruler. A ruler is 12 inches, still think you're a man?


-I miss my ex-boyfriend, but my aim is improving.




There are about 20 in all so I won't post them in case you want to peruse the full list at your pleasure. Alot of them would probably need to be reworked to fit into dialogue but you get the idea...

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I will be adapting the material for Shar-Teel's style, do not worry. I just need ideas. :)


O, by the way, another puzzle for anyone who is hanging around: if you were to describe the positive qualities of mankind in one adjective... what adjective that would be? :D

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Anything really: I have certain dialogue options that would take NPC-specific and I would build small chats around the generic ones if I find them interesting and Shar-teelish.

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