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I really question how bad guys aim can be.  I don't recall ever missing in my twenty-three years.  I mean... wtf?  A toilet bowl is what, 12 inches across?  16 even?


Even when drunk?


Are you trying to say that toilet bowls get smaller when they're drunk?


Must be. Couldn't possibly be a lack of coordination on my part when intoxicated. :)

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It's tough being a man. If you put a woman on a pedestal to protect her from the rat race, you're a male chauvinist, but if you stay home to do the housework, you're a pansy. If you work too hard, you don't give her enough of your time, but if you work too little, you're a lazy bum. If she has a boring, repetitive, low-paying job, it's exploitation, but if you have a boring, repetitive, low-paying job, you should get off your ass and find something better. If you get a promotion ahead of her, it's favoritism, but if she gets one ahead of you, it's equal opportunity. If you mention how nice she looks, it's sexual harassment, but if you don't mention it, it's male indifference. If you cry, you're a wimp, but if you don't cry, you're an insensitive lug. If you make a decision without consulting her, you're a chauvinist pig, but if she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman. If you ask her to do something she doesn't enjoy, it's domination, but if she asks you to do something you don't enjoy, it's a favor. If you appreciate the female form and frilly underwear, you're a pervert, but if you don't, you're gay. If you like a woman to shave her legs and stay in shape, you're sexist, but if you don't, you're unromantic. If you try to stay in shape, you're vain, but if you don't, you're a slob. If you buy her flowers, you're after something, but if you don't, you're thoughtless. If you're proud of your achievements, you're full of yourself, but if you're not, you're not ambitious. If she has a headache, it's because she's tired, but if you have one, it's because you don't love her anymore. If you want it too often, you're oversexed, but if you don't want it, you must be seeing another woman. It's no wonder men die before women... they want to!

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Oops....I'm guilty of far too many of those double standards!! :)


Also I sometimes think it's not the aiming when drunk that is the problem, but the misconceptions. My husband once thought we had a urinal in our bathroom. Lucky the floor is tiled! :D

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