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changing the weapon profs for one kit

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I wanted to change my weapon profs to let my kensai use bows. Is there a way to do so (i.e. using a 2da file) without having to list out all proficiencies for all classes in that file?



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To let kensai use bows you'd have to change the usability flags all the bow item files. The WeiDU TP2 code would be something like this:


COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.+\.itm$~ ~override~
 PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE >= 0x72) THEN BEGIN // protects against invalid files
    READ_SHORT 0x1c "type"
    READ_BYTE  0x2f "kensai"
    PATCH_IF (type = 15) BEGIN // if item type is bow              
      WRITE_BYTE 0x2f (kensai BAND 0b11111101)

Don't take the code as gospel, I haven't tested it and I haven't done this stuff in a while.

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I forgot, you also have to change weapprof.2da. The following should give kensai the ability to place 5 stars in longbows and shortbows:


COPY_EXISTING ~weapprof.2da~ ~override~
SET_2DA_ENTRY 27 32 1 ~5~
SET_2DA_ENTRY 28 32 1 ~5~

Again, check this.

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Looks like I'll get to learn some WeiDu :)

Adding knocking up a tp2 with those pieces of code shouldn't be too hard (look at any existing mod for an example of how to do this). If you have any trouble, or the code I gave doesn't actually work, just ask for more help.


I'll try to remember to test what I've posted later today--I'll post corrections if I find anything wrong.

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