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IWD creature unknowns


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There was a 104 bytes unknown field (the new fields) in IWD's creature file.

The known fields are similar to those of PST and IWD2 stores in a similar field.


0x0270 2 (word) unknown

0x0272 2 (word) unknown

0x0274 2x5 (word) Internal variables

0x027e 32 (char array) secondary death variable

0x029e 32 (char array) tertiary death variable

0x02be 2 (word) unknown

0x02c0 2 (word) Saved X coordinate of character

0x02c2 2 (word) Saved Y coordinate of character

0x02c4 2 (word) Saved orientation

0x02c6 18 (bytes) unknown


I hope i defined exactly 104 bytes :)


Oops, sorry, IGI, move this back to the normal forum if you wish.

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I think both death variables, along with 'sprite_is_dead'<primary dv> are set.

I've no idea why this redundancy is required.

It could be that one of the variables is only set to 1 while the other is increased every time.

Or that one of the variables is set when you just attack the creature.

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