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Mod - Stage-Based XP Cap


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Extracts from the Readme


This Mod aims to return some challenge to SoA and ToB by setting different XP Caps for different stages of the game. For SoA, the stages of the game are denoted by varying Chapters ; for ToB, the stages of the game are denoted by Challenges in the Pocketplane. SoA and ToB XP Caps are provided as separate components.


For every difficulty level of XP Cap in both SoA and ToB, there is also a component called the XP Restorer. When the party proceeds to a new stage, the XP Restorer returns to the party the amount of XP previously taken from the party when the XP exceeded the limit for the previous stage. This allows players to keep playing in a particular stage of the game without too much fear of "wasting" the XP earned. It does however also makes the Mod easier.


Note that this Mod is built on scripting, and as such ignores the effects of any XP Cap Modifier / Remover Components that may have previously been installed.


Readme - http://www.geocities.com/zyraen/readmechpxp.txt

Download - http://www.geocities.com/zyraen/chpxp.zip

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