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Original BG1 Branwen Romance


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Since removing Branwen from the BG1NPC project, I have received several requests asking if I have any intention of releasing the original romance.


The answer is yes. I will indeed release the romance, hopefully within the next few weeks for those of you who have expressed a desire to play the mod.


Rastor, one of the primary coders on the romance, has been most kind and agreed to host the mod at RPG Dungeon


What I need is a proper list of any of you who contributed to the mod in any way. Culain Mainframe has been most helpful, but I realize that sometimes members may slip through the cracks.


So, if you contributed to the original Branwen Romance, please leave a post here, or PM me, so that I can properly credit you for your work. If I do not hear from you, your name will not be added.


Many thanks to those who helped and those who are waiting for her release.

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