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Heh, no iwd2 spell descriptions?


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In IWD2 there is a possibility to set level dependent durations simultaneously on all effects, thus eliminating the need of multiple extension headers.

There is a bit (0x40 in the spell flags) which turns this feature on.

The spell duration will be set to U1 *level + U2 rounds. Where U1 and U2 are the first unsigned bytes in the new IWD2 specific addition of the main spell header.


Compare cat's grace with bull's strength to see how much it simplifies things.

Also check invisibility where they screwed the duration. (They used rounds instead of minutes).

They used 3 rounds for 1 minute and 50 rounds for 1 hour, while in another place they used the old duration scheme for the same 1 hour.


Also look at sceffect.ids, it lists the casting glows that are used in the school specific field of the spell header (school/casting graphics in DLTCEP).

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