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Shapechanged weapons still? dispellable.

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I remember browsing through some of the stickies and seeing that this was fixed, or maybe I read it wrong?


So far I have dispelled all jaheira's shapechanged weaponry. For instance the fire elemental loses his fire fists and does not do fire damage when striking.


As far as I know, the only fix for this is to make the character immune to dispell magic as long as they are shapechanged, but then that has some other downsides...


While I am mentioning this I should also mention this can happen when the silver dragon ( forgot name ) dispells your drow discuises.

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There is another solution, just not implemented yet. The basic idea is that the paw itself re-creates itself every couple of seconds, so it will re-appear even if disspelled. The coding is a bit complex so I haven't gotten to it yet.

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