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Guest a savage

Howdy ,)


I have to confess I`m not that familiar with AD&D so correct me whenever I am wrong



Well I allways thought priests rather pray spells than cast any of them.

So their Deity would actually fullfill their prayers and let their biddings happen.

Now that would incline that their prayers are actually bestowed on the given target.

Yet magic resistance saves the target(s) every other time.


So I hope to see the few offensive spells priests have to override magic resistance.

Another possibility would be applying the magic resist right after the targets` save vs (spell, poison, staffs, you name it) and once dmg or duration is calculated. ( Yeh, same should go for the innates, too.)


Well lets say this lvl 6 cleric casts a hold person on that drow, which happpens to have like a magical resistance of 50. Ok, the drow fails it save and would be held for 6 rounds, now apply the magic resistance, the drow is merely held for 3 rounds.


But I guess that bends the rules, doesn`t it? It would rather apply for the 3rd. edition.




Could there be an argument to not have clerics be able to cast power word spells?


this one could rather be part of the tweakpack:

So far both globes of invulnerability, spellturning and spelltrap either throw the well placed harm back or let it dissipate.

I am pretty sure about the above. My fears are that holds true for both spell deflection spells and minor spellturning as well. I can run tests on these if youre interested.

I bet its the same for slay living, but I didnt do any test on this matter either.



This one is concerning deities. Would deities not interfere if they saw their priests, acolytes whatever not follow the guidelines of their belief. What would punishment look like, would it differ on the personality of their deity. What ingame chooses would prick up which deitys` ears?



Which kit resembles an (half)orc shaman best?

While we`re at it, add one, please, with sugar.


Forgive me, if whatever I posted sounds familiar. I keep forgetting faster than I can read, it`s true, did I say I want an orc shaman kit? ,) :)


I´d love this mod, if there wasnt this dreaded spell memorization bug.

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Thanks for the suggestions - some of them we'll probably not use, as for me at least sticking close to the mechanics (or at least the spirit) of D&D is important.


Regarding ingame choices and your deity's opinion of them, one thing I would like to do is make you able to lose your spells ("Falling" like a Paladin or Ranger) if your alignments jumps out of step (as can happen with Sim's Virtue mod at PPG), or possibly having to choose a new deity. Though I don't know about the logistics best.


For Orc shamans... We're planning to add a racial deity or two eventually, so Orcs would definitely get Gruumsh. For the moment I'd suggest trying Talos or Tempus.

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