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Special rogue stone from temple district missing.

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I beat up those guys in the temple district abandoned house ( with celestial fury ) and I remember always getting a special rouge stone that was used to open the twisted rune in the bridge district.


I searched some forums and saw that it was added in baldurdash. Not sure why kevin did that.


Just letting you guys know, in case there was a reason.

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Baldurdash may have changed the trigger to look for a specific stone. I remember that the stone you get from the Guarded Compound has an odd description, different than other rogue stones.

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I can't say I've ever been too approving of the "link" between the Guarded Compound and the Twisted Rune being added by Baldurdash. I don't consider it a bug. It's more an interpretation of creator intent, which I guess would fall more under the UB heading.

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OK, well, I'll regret this in the morning, but...


If someone can come up with a valid, acceptable way to improve the Slavers, Guarded Compound and/or Twisted Rune, I might try to dust off my modding skills a bit and try and code something. I've been itching to do *something* for awhile, anyway.


Looks like we've moved out of Fixpack territory. Perhaps we should continue this discussion in the UB Workroom, if anyone has any ideas.

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