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Best way to import a character.

Guest Lol

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If I were to play Tuto using some tweaks within the Tuto Tweaks pack how would I best go about importing him into BG2 with the exact same tweaks? I want the world around him to stay constant, as far as the tweaks go, between BG1Tuto and BG2.


I use two Bg2 installations one contains Tuto and hopefuly some tweaks from this pack. The other installation I need to keep clean. I have not the space for a 3rd install. Thanks.

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Guest Kronos
Install the same tweaks from G3Tweaks on BG2 as you used from TutuTweaks. All tweaks that can be applied to both Tutu and BG2 are present in both mods.


Thanks. So can I install them over my Tuto directory? Do you know if Tuto will still function if I install G3 tweaks over my Tuto directory? Maybe if I reconvert everything?


So I could do something like this:


1. Install Tuto Tweak pack in Tuto directory.


2. Install G3 pack in Tuto Directory.


3. Use my Clean Bg2 folder to import my Bg1tuto character into bg2. Can I do this with Tuto?


4. Open the Bg2 saved game with the modded Tuto Bg2. I heard save games will still load normally. Maybe that wouldn't work since the save game came from a non modded save? If that is the case I would need a way to import into Tuto Bg2 somehow, or a seperate Bg2 install, correct?


In other words I would like to have a clean Bg2, a Bg2 for using tuto and that same Bg2 folder for tweaking Bg2 to that of my Tuto characters. Hope that makes sense.


Would this work? Is there an easier way?



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