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Kangaxx issues

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1. The old pickpocket ring of gaxx trick is still alive and well. Just have all your guys use protection from undead and your theif can walk up and pickpocket kangaxx ( 1st form ) while hes still got a blue circle around him. Once you kill the demi-lich you get another one.


2. Speaking of protection from undead, although the Kangaxx will now change to the demi-lich when all your party is protected from undead, if you never let him get out his first lines of speech ( because you were protected from undead from the beginning and just attacked him ) he will do his first line of speech when hes down to 0 health and won't become the demi-lich, instead he will just stay at "near death" and be unkillable.


3. I don't know if theres any remedy for it, but you can fake-talk kangaxx ( and many other enemies ) right when he comes out of his tome ( fake-talk is where you click on a non-hostile creature with the intent to keep them from going hostile ). I used this to give my bard time to pickpocket him before he went red.


That daystar is now one hell of a demi-lich killer BTW.

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1) Already fixed. Again. :)


2) When down to a single HP, Kangaxx is forced to initiate dialogue via script, even though he can't see you. Since you've never spoken to him, the first trigger at the top of his dlg (NumTimesTalkTo) returns true. Added a trigger condition to the top state so it'll be bypassed if Kangaxx is ready to transform:


// Kangaxx will properly transform even if first dialogue didn't fire


3) Fake talk is unfixable.

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