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[Idea] Dual wielding attacks


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One thing I've always found strange in the rules is that, when dual-wielding, u make ur normal #attacks with the main hand and then an extra one with the off-hand is added. Well, perhaps this is not strictly PnP (and might be hardcoded), but I find more realistic to add one extra attack for using two weapons BUT distributing them between both hands. This is not like boxing, where u could make "thud-thud-thud" (main hand) and then a surprise hit with the off-hand. With weapons (be it swords, maces or axes), u use both weapons at the same time, looking for some kind of balance, attack-counterattack and so on. If the player has, e.g. 3 attacks and uses an off-hand weapon, he should have 2 attacks with each one, or if he has 4 attacks, he would get 3-2 (main-off), etc. This would make the choice for the off-hand weapon less of a what-resistances-my-off-hand-weapon-gives, preventing (or making them think twice) ppl from wielding Crom Faeyr as the main weapon and a shitty +1 dagger which gives 90% MR in the off-hand.

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