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Imps and Dradeel

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In the Sauhagin caverns, I had one of my NPC's open the chest that the Imps tell you they will protect from. I'm almost positive that once the spector kills one of your party members, he should disappear and not do it again. He mentions that your life force will let him escape, and the Imps next to the chest disappear.


And I'm not sure if this is a bug, but Dradeel is an elf and appears in the human animation.

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Good catch; both confirmed and fixed.


// sahugin spectre should only kill one party member and then escape
COPY_EXISTING ~impches3.bcs~ ~override~
   REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~!Global("ImpRiddle","GLOBAL",3)~ ~!Global("ImpRiddle","GLOBAL",3) Global("CDImpChest","AR2300",0)~
   REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Kill(LastTrigger)~ ~Kill(LastTrigger) SetGlobal("CDImpChest","AR2300",1)~

// dradeel is an elf but uses a human avatar
COPY_EXISTING ~ppdra2.cre~   ~override~
             ~ppdradee.cre~ ~override~
 WRITE_SHORT 0x28 25089 // male elf mage


In an Unfinished Business note, when Suna was supposed to try and capture the PC, Dradeel shows up and imprisons the PC if the fight runs too long. The variable to summon him uses Dradeel and the creature file, redrad01.cre is also name Dradeel, which is a bit of a problem since he's supposed to be trapped in Spellhold. redrad01.cre is also a human using the human mage avatar.

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