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TUTU6 or BGT Users, Please Note:


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TUTU team has announced the open beta release of the long-awaited TUTU6.


The most noticeable discrepancy between the two versions that will affect BG1NPC (as far as I know atm) will be the Chapter check - to make sure that the journals run in the Prologue, TUTU6 will consider Prologue as Chapter 1. That means that any and all dialogues that checked for Chapter in the current version (v9) of BG1NPC will happen one chapter too soon.


As soon as TUTU6 graduates from beta-stage and is considered stable by TUTU Team, we will update the running BG1NPC version.


Appologies for any inconveniences caused by the incompatibilities meanwhile :)

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Update: G3 3rd Aniversary, September, 2006.


There are currently no plans to update BG1 NPC for use with Tutu v6. When development resumes on Tutu v6, I am sure all of the project team will re-evaluate this.


There are currently no plans to port the mod to Baldur's Gate (BG1); there are too many things that would heve to be scrapped or rebuilt in order to work with BG1's scripting engine.


The BG1 NPC Project, v12 "Beta 2"


For Tutu, this is the full version of v12! the only reason it is called a Beta is because we are working on the BGT side of the install, which is completely independent of the Tutu side.


Currently, we strongly recommend installing BG1NPC on either

EasyTutu_SoA or EasyTutu_ToB


If you are using a non-english installation, or must have non-WeiDU mods, then it is fine to install BG1 NPC on


Tutu v4 with the latest available version of TutuFix.


For help or support with any non-Tutu installation of BG1NPC, please visit http://www.spellholdstudios.net.


In the interests of community spirit and cooperation, several folks are working on the combined installer for BG1 NPC, allowing the mod to be placed on either a Tutu or a BGT installation. This updating requires extensive rejiggering of things behind the scenes, and as such there are/will probably always be two support teams: Sir BillyBob leads BGT bugtesting/reporting, Ascension64 is dealing with the majority of the area and resource renaming, Chevalier has researched ways to make sure that BG1 NPC dialogues shut down when BG1/TOSC is finished, and I am handling tp2 and adding code to the BGT version to assist.


Please Note that though we all love the mod and want everyone to play it, this forum can only tackle Tutu bug reports! Sir BillyBob has a BGT install to test on/troubleshoot, and the team over here does not. We want you to play using The BG1 NPC Project, but we cannot bugfix BGT installs because we simply do not know the code!

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