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Sendai bug?


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I beat improved Sendai (finally) and supposedly when she dies after you get the solar exposition a portal apears so you can exit out of her chamber and get the balthazar/mellisan cutscene. However, no such portal appears. I tried just cheating out of the area using the MoveToArea cheat, but without the triggers I am stuck in a static world with no way to progress.


I have already beaten Abazigal, everything worked out fine there.


I have these mods installed:


Rouge Fix pack



Quest Pack

Ease of Use

Kelsey with TOB




Unfinished Business


Under Represented Items



All Weidu mods. All of these mods are latest edition. Oversight is the only thing I can think of that would casue this, since it alters Sendai. Any ideas? Alternitively is there anyway to force the appropriate cutscenes so I can finish the game.



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I can't think of any way Oversight could cause this. Everything Tougher Sendai changes is before Sendai dies. If she just died without giving her final speech and the solar was nowhere to be seen I'd think it might be something Oversight caused, but after the solar's exposition--no idea.

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