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state flag: 0x80000


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State flag 0x80000 seems to be not working as advertised.

It is actually the bit which is set by Deactivate or cleared by Activate.


Diseases are implemented by a repeated effect, i guess.

Maybe there are other state flags that don't work as advertised.

STATE_BLIND works, i tested it.


Now, that we know deactivation is a state, logic dictates there must be 2 effects for it.

One to set it and another to 'cure' it.

Who'll find them? :)

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#271 avatar removal (which also disables scripting, effectively removing the actor from the area) seems a likely candidate for the Deactivate action.


Problem is that the effect doesn't directly modify the base stat, but tags on the creature.

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I'm not sure these states are what we think they are.



Invisible (not set by opcode)

Exploding death

Flaming death - darkens the creature colouring (until it's hit)

Acid death

Blur (not set by opcode)

Mirror Image (not set by opcode)

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