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Problem at the creation of a PC


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Here is something funny (well, not funny actually) that happends to me when I try to create a new cleric. Since I don(t know how to explain it, I'll just post a screenshot.




Instead of the new kits, I get parts of Kelsey's or Keto's dialogs... I do not read about incompatibilities with these mod... And if I try to uninstall Cleric Remix, it suppresses all the kit, including the watcher, the stormlord and the morninglord :)


The mods I am using are:

Cleric remix v0.8.8





Song and silence

NPC Beutyfication

NPC Flirtpack


And I have the official patch and baldurdash.


Is it because I use too much mods? Or is there some incompatibilty? Or am I dumb and/or cursed?? :)


Thanks ^^

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If I remember right, that kind of thing is supposed to occur when a mod that overwrites dialogues/files is put on after other mods, but since you don't have any overwriters on the list (aside from the patch and Baldurdash) I'm not sure. Did you put the patch or Baldurdash on after installing the other mods?

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This is an install problem rather than a mod bug.


That problem suggests you installed a game, mod or patch with the game or a game editor running.


You need to reinstall all patches and mods, making sure of the order and that the game/editors are not running at the time. :)

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