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Help wanted for new area creation

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Hullo Peeps!


In order for me to get the next version of my Fade mod released (well, thats my excuse... it'll make me work faster!) I need a new area to be made up for ToB. It's nothing huge (it's a palace - outside grounds and then 3 levels inside the Palace - a dungeon (with cells I can lock people in to), an entry way with a few extra rooms and an lavish, comfortable upstairs. It needs to big enough to stage some big old scraps. Pasha smackdown ahoy!). I have approached someone to help, but he's reeeaaallly busy right now and I don't want to have to keep hassling him, so if anyone else can help, or knows someone who can help, I would be very grateful and vitual sweeties will most liberally handed out!


Cheers in advance :cheers:





PS. Fades forum is here if you can help me *flutters eyelashes invitingly*

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