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BWL: new tlk viewer with advanced search

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WEBSITE: http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/Tools/tlkviewer.php

DISCUSSION FORUM: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showtopic=1065

DOWNLOAD: http://downloads.blackwyrmlair.net/tlkviewer/tlkviewer.zip


I made this program because the search functions of the existing IE file editors didn't suit my needs. I also added other functions (with less practical use) to this program (such as Statistics and Graphs).

Here is a summary of its features, followed by screenshots:

  • Works with all of the IE games (BG1, PST, IWD, BG2, IWD2), including all of their official expansions and unofficial mods
  • Can view, but cannot edit talk table (TLK) files
  • Customisable browser window to display the string (font, font color & size, background color), displays the offset, length, type, sound reference, volume variance and pitch variance of the string
  • Fast and powerful search engine with several settings (complex search with multiple search terms, highlight results, case sensitivity, whole words, length-oriented and absolute search method, search from a certain string, theoretically unlimited number of results)
  • Technical statistics of your TLK file (average string length, longest string, number of strings by type, number of strings by their size, size map and string size graphs)
  • Text statistics of your TLK file (occurances of user-defined words/expressions)
  • TLK to TXT export (instant raw export, guided export with various settings)
  • Configuration (your last used settings are stored and remembered when the program is run next time, auto-load last opened file when the program starts, button to load last opened file)

Here are some screenshots of its Advanced Search function. You can view 7 other screenshots as well on Talk Table Viewer's website.


The illusionist gnome took the Circus Tent in Waukeen's Promenade...

Also from BG2 tlk. Aerie romance seems to be going quite well...

The filter's type has been changed: displaying all results

Good old bandit stuff from BG1...

Iron Throne again, but with the second filter (all results are displayed)


Opinions, comments, suggestions, and... bug reports -- all of them are welcome in the DISCUSSION forum.

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