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Zallanora endless timestop

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Zallanora is the coweled wizards head honcho they sick on you when you cast mage spells in amn too many times.


I had viconia distracting them while I hid my other party members, then one of the wizards cast maze on viconia right before Zallanora cast her timestop.


Then while still timestopped Zallanora started casting timestop like every second for about 3 minutes. I figure this is because viconia suddenly dissapeared. When viconia finally reappeared Zallanora stopped casting timestop and everything went back to normal.


I'd also like to point out that none of the coweled wizards bothered to cast protection from evil before Zallanora summoned a pit fiend. The pit fiend then tore them all to pieces while I watched from a safe distance.

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Zallanora uses mage18z.bcs, which features this gem right in the middle of it:




So she could probably see Viccy, triggering this block, then couldn't resulting in the only valid actions in the blocks being the three time stops. Question: were the Time Stops legit castings or just the time stop messages scrolling by in the message window?

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