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Bernard sells unlimited prismatic spray scrolls

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DLTCEP shows no error, and I checked it manually too. There's nothing wrong on my install.


Can you please check if either bernard5.sto, bernard6.sto or both is located in your override directory? If so, could you send them to me? sconrad@spellholdstudios.net

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Seb: bernard2.sto has unlimited Prismatic Spray scrolls for sale. bernard.sto and bernard2.sto are the files called from bernard.dlg.



It seems as if I've already fixed this locally some time ago and didn't see that bernard2.sto had that scroll for sale when looking through it today.


COPY_EXISTING ~bernard2.sto~ ~override~
READ_LONG 0x34 "itm_off"
READ_LONG 0x38 "itm_num"
WHILE ("%itm_num%" > 0) BEGIN
  SET "itm_num" = ("%itm_num%" - 1)
  READ_ASCII ("%itm_off%" + (0x1c * "%itm_num%")) "item"
  PATCH_IF ("%item%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "scrl8p" = 0) BEGIN
    READ_BYTE  ("%itm_off%" + 0x10 + (0x1c * "%itm_num%")) "itm_flags"
    WRITE_BYTE ("%itm_off%" + 0xA  + (0x1c * "%itm_num%")) 1 // Set quantity/charges of item to 1
    WRITE_BYTE ("%itm_off%" + 0x10 + (0x1c * "%itm_num%")) ("%itm_flags%" BOR 0b00000001) // Set item flags to identified
    WRITE_BYTE ("%itm_off%" + 0x18 + (0x1c * "%itm_num%")) 0 // Set infinite flag to zero

...in any case. I should probably rewrite the code to use FOR-loops, but meh, this works too.


I'm honestly not sure that this is a bug.

I am. Why wouldn't it?

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