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IWD1 Harder Mod


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This is a small mod for IWD1 with HOW/TOTL, it has not been tested with IWD-without-the-expantion.

This mod gives all creatures (also friendly ones, with the exeption of a squirell or two) a 50% bonus to their HP.

This is done due to the fact that the difficulty slider in the game only gives your enemies boost to damage (in many situations

you won't even notice this due to the easiness of killing them or their poor chance of hitting you) moreover on higher difficulty

levels you get more XP (which can mean that in some situations higher levels are actually easier). With higher hit points

the enemies should prove more of a challenge, and the damage boost in higher difficulties more noticable (since they'll have more

chances of dealing their increased damage).

This mod also corrects some obvious aligment coding errors (which in IWD only results in Paladin abilities being more effective).




Any mod that doesn't overwrite .cre files, if you're unsure install this as a last one.

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I posted this at PPG:


Interesting idea, I was going to suggest something like this could probably find a home in the Tweak Pack or something.


I took a look through and note you appear to be copying .CRE files over - I don't know if you were aware, but a faster and cleaner way of doing what you did would be with .tp2 code ( a C_E_R, READ and WRITEing the experience fields). Well, for the hit points at least. Though I guess you've done it now, so.


You could've done something similar for the alignment patching (just not with a C_E_R). Do you happen to remember what alignments you changed, and to what?


Since it springs to mind now, one of the reasons I asked about alignments is if IWD1 has some dodgy ones then that may be something worth shoving in a Tweak Pack component, too.

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