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Harder IE Games Mod v1


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Temporary download - should anyone like to host it, let me know: http://members.chello.pl/m.witkowski4/IE_HARDERv1.exe




HARDER IE Games MOD v1- Readme


by Borsook




This is a small mod which should work with all IE games (It has not been tested with PST, but I think it should work) This mod gives all creatures (also friendly ones, with the exeption of a squirell or two;) and the joinable NPCs) a bonus to their HP. You can choose how high this bonus is: 25,50,75,100%. This is done due to the fact that the difficulty slider in the game only gives your enemies boost to damage* (in many situations you won't even notice this due to the easiness of killing them or their poor chance of hitting you). With higher hit points the enemies should prove more of a challenge, and the damage boost in higher difficulties more noticable (since they'll have more chances of dealing their increased damage). I chose to include "friendly" characters in the increased HP since, after all you may (and sometimes should - chaotic-evil) want to fight them.


*Notably in IWD2 difficulty gives also bonus to chance to hit and resistances, on the other hand in IWD1 on higher difficulty levels you get more XP (which can mean that in some situations higher levels are actually easier)




Pretty automatic, like all Weidu mods. Files are patched not overwritten, just remember to install all the mods that my add any creatures first.




Any mod that doesn't overwrite .cre files, if you're unsure install this as a last one.



This mod exists because SimDing0 provided me with a Weidu code that a base for it. Really, 99% of the credit should go to him. Also I'd like to thank Rastor and Andyr.

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Oh, yes. I have 4 mods started, and little time to finish them, also coding stuff in Weidu is a pain for me, though I'm learning. I'm doing an NPC for tutu (half-orc druid/barbarian with a romance story), mod adding some PnP stuff as books to IWD2, mod adding some IWD1 weapons to tutu/bg2 and a tweak pack with nothing new but with stuff done already but differently - more to my preference (e.g. instead of infinite missle stacking you'll be able to multiply current one by a factor).

PS.Thanx for the encouragement, Andyr.

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Yes, Tutu mods are awesome. Try not to unbalance things with the IWD weapons into Tutu, though. I say this because I want mods that I'd play, not because I want to forbid you from making mods with +5 weapons or anything. It's just that IWD and BG1 were quite different on the power scale, as I recall.

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I'm rather trying to add some items that were non-existing in Bg1 (like 2-handed axes) and some that were not properly represented (e.g. scimitars) - nothing stronger than +2 in terms of weapons plus few magical items that I really like (e.g. a strage broken bag that once a day produces a random item of little power). When (if) I finish I might do the same for bg2, we have weimer's Underrepresented Items Mod, but it uses only overpowered +5 stuff...

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