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igi: xando - new TC released!

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Lo folks,

Last night I set myself a challenge, to create a TC in just 1 day.


Well, today I've suceeded in that challenge, with ample time to spare. May I present the first 1-day-TC:



xando is aimed at the BG2:ToB revision of the IE, and it is recommened the latest offical ToB patch is installed.


xando brings a totally different gaming experience to the IE. Download it and try it out!


Note: This is a TC. You will not get new quests, NPC's, items or spells for the BG2 storyline! xando is not compatible with any other mod - don't even try it!

However, xando is distributed using weidu, and, as long as it's installed last, it should work fine (you just won't see anything else any other mod has installed). xando can be easily uninstalled, just like any other weidu mod. Your game won't be hosed, you house won't fall down, and your dog won't be kidnapped by aliens.


Comments and feedback are welcome!

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