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Is this kit feasible?

Guest jtav

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I'm making my first foray into making kits (and modding in general). I've sketched a rough outline of a Gallant Bard Kit as follows:




There is no character as pure and romantic as the Gallant. He travels the lands on the wings of romance and true love, stealing the hearts of the young and lightening the spirits of the elderly. A Gallant seems to be blessed with a grace and charm not given to others of his race.


Gallants are often mistaken for paladins or cavaliers. They dress and act much like heroic warriors. But they are not driven by blood lust or the desire to slay monsters for the sake of destroying evil. Gallants are romantics at heart. They defend beauty, innocence, and love. Yet the ways of love and romance cause many a famous Gallant to end his life in tragedy.


Gallants must be Neutral Good.




- +1 to Charisma

- May specialize in long swords, short swords, katanas, daggars, and two-handed swords.

- Immune to fear

- Avoid Death as innate special ability




- -1 to Wisdom

- No pickpocketing ability.

- Lore values on-half normal


Is this do-able? Are there any game balance issues I should be aware of? Constructive criticism is welcome as are any other comments, tips, etc.

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I think it's doable, seems a little overpowered to me though... I assume

- Immune to fear

- Avoid Death as innate special ability

will be there from level 1?

Anyhow you give a lot of bonuses useful in combat while most of disadvantages can be negated by using "Identify" spell.

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I'd pull out the stat stuff. It really isn't necessary. Avoid death will be available as an HLA so I'd gank that as well, unless you plan on doing up a nerfed version of it, which might actually be cool. One last question......why not just allow specialization in all swords? I think if you did that you'd have a fairly balanced kit.

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