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Ihtafeer's head can be pickpocketed.

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It's something worth checking into. I raised the issue with marking everything unstealable, so it's possible Ihtafeer's head is now just being moved to a slot that can be stolen from (a list of slots that allow theft would be nice, in case somebody wants to investigate). I locally move it to the helmet slot (yeah, 'cause it's her head), but I normally like doing that to add a small bit of challenge to these plot-sensitive CREs.


If an item is unsellable (i.e., it's a quest item that will remain with Player1), then I'd suggest just using the unstealable flag (the item can never be "outside" the party once you have it, so there shouldn't be a case where you'd want to steal it). It's only with unique, sellable, plot-insensitive items where it's tacky to make them permanently unstealable.

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Yeah, we dropped the unstealable flag idea for the reasons you mention. Now it takes the item and drops it in the first unused slot it can find in the item file, searching from quick slot 3 up to the helmet slot.


After some testing, it appears quick slots and quiver slots can be pickpocketed, so now the order is boots, belt, amulet, r. ring. l. ring, gloves, shield, armor, helm. I skip over the weapon slots, in case some obscure script snippet would cause a weapon change.


Fixed in alpha 6.

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