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You were most dissapointed that


Why, oh why I won't be able to romance:  

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I have a splitting headache and am trying to think of pleasent things till I can go home, devour aspirine and do the last (hopefully) sitting on the 'new' coding. So, here is something to play with. Your dream romance that we did not do. The usual questions: who? where? and how? :)

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I would have liked a romance with Safana. Especially because I have a evil pc in mind, he is neutral evil and a manipulator. Charming and intelligent, I think in a romance with Safana he could have his hands full, a battle of minds and wits. I suppose Viconia could play that roll very well also, but I think Safana is just more charming and I like her character more

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I voted 'other' and that would be Kivan. On romantic front, the one NPC, I think that is lacking even in BG1 diverse cast (after having learned them all by heart in the last three years) is an interesting romance candidate for a dwarf/gnome/halfling female.

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Just yesterday I had a conversation at the Attic, and we both agreed that Safana Romance is sorely lacking.


I myself would vote for Eldoth with both hands, but I realize that some people may not like his chauvinistic, cynical, ruthless and eeeeevil (did I mention adorable?) personality, so I vote for Safana, too.

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I'll just cover the others (from my own point of view :) ):

Alora has a very huge drawback that you meet her very late in the game.

Imoen - well, most people have played BG2 and know that she is PC's sister.

Garrick - it's just me, but for me he's got even less of a personality than Cernd, and that's saying something.

Eldoth - ever since I heard that Dorotea wanted to make a romance for him at some point, I wouldn't hear of anybody else making the attempt. :)

Edwin - well, if Laufey's romance did not exist, sure. But it does.

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Imoen shares the taint of bhaal as many others do, but could not be pc's physical sister since she is human regardless of pc's race.

An Imoen romance would have been nice, but it would be difficult to link it to BG2 since relationship with pc in that game is not one of lovers.

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It might have been interesting, though, just 'cause they were childhood friends who were each other's companions at a difficult time and one their first great journey. (Brian Jacques' Martin and Rose, anyone?) I'm not too worried about continuity, given that BioWare obviously didn't. (Quayle and the circus, anyone?)


That said, I'm looking forward very much to the romances we will get. Bring on Dynaheir and Branwen, that's what I say.

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Eldoth and Yeslick for females, we'll have the whole field covered. Sweet dreams...


I think a new character is still the best bet for gnome/halfling/dwarf female PC - Kagain, Yeslick, Montaron, Tiax and Quayle - I have troubles seeing each one of them as a viable romantic option. Probably, a neutrally aligned Halfling...


Edwin over Eldoth for me for an evil option - met early in the game, non-attached, has a brilliant writer on staff to do it.

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I have not tried any customs for TUTU, but Finch sounds interesting. There is also a SEKRIT male NPC (Domi pokes the One Who Knows whom she is talking about), who is absolutely fascinationg, and that I would like to see as romanceable (Domi pokes the One again) :)

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