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Innate abilities (mostly HLA)


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I apologise to everyone if this has been asked before. I looked through some of the tutorials and sadly I couldnt follow much of what was said.


I am currently trying to edit my character (PC) who is a monk. I have ToB installed and the latest patch, I installed Oversight (because I like the HLA abilities for monks) and I was interested in trying it out. I played through Ascension and saw how bad ass Balthazar was. I was curious and downloaded NearInfinity, which is new to me.


My question is: can anyone help me increase the amount of times I can use an HLA? For example, with Oversight installed I want to use a Shadow Stance more than 1 time. I know for instance as I level up that I can take the feat again but thats not what I want to do. I wanted to have my monk character for instance be able to use Shadow Stance say 10 times or something.


In ShadowKeeper, when I try to increase the number of times I can use the ability (I think its the memorization level) I can only increase it a few times and then I get an error. I tried looking around in NearInfinity for instance I opened up Balthazar's cre file and well that didnt help heh. I was unable to find instances of these innate abilities in his cre file.


So I then opened up my character file which I had exported out as a level 20 monk and I could find the innate ability then...but sadly I couldnt increase the number of times I could use. Also, for some reason when I import a character into ToB or SoA that had HLAs they all disappear.



If anyone could help I would appreciate it. If I posted this question in the wrong place or it was something covered in a tutorial please forgive my ignorance and just point me in the right direction. Thanks again.

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What you were doing with Shadowkeeper should work... it's been a while since I used it but I remember the buttons to add a known spell working fine, so, hmm.


If you're trying NearInfinity, when you are looking at spells known there should be a button you can click to add one in. I'm not sure about innates, but you might have to edit the field allowing memorisations of certain levels too.

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