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Kivan has a comment in Spellhold, asking to talk to Aphril when he sees her, asking to talk to her. The mod has a story that unfolds in a variety of ways. If you didn't find out about Deheriana, it won't break the game, it will just switch to a different scenario.


Read-Me states:


If PC is a male or not interested in capturing Kivan's heart, Deheriana's story arc will develop in the end of the game. To see the story in full, please do not miss the talks with Aphril, Demin and Ellesime (in the end of the game). A happy ending of Deheriana's story will occur if Aerie or Cernd are in the party or if PC is one of the healing classes (Ranger, Druid, Cleric or Paladin)
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Guest Guest_Ellderon_*

I had Kivan with me in Spellhold and he didn't comment on anything when Irenicus leads you around. He didn't comment after I paid the keeper to set them free.


Unless I had to free them myself and talk to them in their cells or something. I got into Spellhold trough the Coweld Wizzard wardstone, not trough being submitted into the Asylum myself.



If that's the case, then there's a problem. You HAVE to get admitted to get the full Kivan story. That sucks....

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Guest Guest_Ellderon_*

You know, cutting off IMPORTANT content without ANY warning whatsoever is what sucks.


The Readme never said I have to take a specific path into the Asylum.


Even worse, If I hadn't picked her up in my SoA playtrough, when I start a NEW game in ToB, I STILL can't get her. Or Kivan.


What am I supposed to do now? Play trough the whole friggin game again?

As much as this mod rocks, the irritating details about it's execution suck.

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I think you can talk to all the cell-mates no matter how you get to the spell-hold iirc, and the Readme specifically urges you to talk to APhril if you feel like spoilers. If you have CLUA or Shadowkeeper you can set a variable before talking to Demin and you can get Deheriana this way.

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The global you want to set before talking to Demin is


"P#DeherianaLives","GLOBAL" --> set the value to 1.


If Kivan won't talk to Demin at this point of the game (you do not have a save), set the variables as follow:






and summon Deheriana via console, CreateCreature("P#DEHER") You might have to Ctrl+Q her in the party if her initial dialogue won't play.

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I brought Deheriana back in Sudenessalar and have had her for more than 30 minutes. Shes still alive and i dont have aerie or cernd in party. Also her stats remained the same. So I don't understand in the "decides her fate" part that should of already happened.

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