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Progress report, 02/09/05


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I saw the last one was dated December (though posts continued for quite a while) so figured it was time for a new thread... And a progress report with not much in it is probably less disenheartening than a quiet forum. :)


I have been busy graduating and being on holiday this summer. However, I have made a lot of Elai progress this last month, to the point where there's a playable alpha and his quest has large chunks done too. I hope to get a testable version of that ready by the time term starts (beginning of October), though that depends on how much time I spend playing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Which is much fun.


NiGHTMARE and I have talked recently about the improved creatures he's working on, of which dragons are almost done. He's also written a lot of quest dialogue, but if there's anything in particular he wishes to discuss I'll leave him to post it himself. :D

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LoI is about more than just areas, quests and NPCs, so I thought I'd provide some stats for some of the other planned features:


New types of weapon: 24

New types of armour: 7

New creature animations: 18

Improved existing creatures: 15

New kits: 12

Portraits for non-joinable characters: 115

New portraits for PC to join from: 41


The good news is that a sizable portion of the above has already been implemented - though all the above figures are most definitely subject to change :).

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Sort of. The 12 kits mentioned above aren't all ready and most likely won't be released before anything else, but numerous other kits which were originally planned to be in LoI have been/will be featured in other mods instead (such as Cleric Remix and Song & Silence).

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