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Garrick dialogs

Kania Blade

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I think I remember your other thread asking how to get Garrick joinable in BG2, actually. :D


You could use them if you really want, but I'd advise against it. Few of them would work well in BG2. Even using Quayle's for Jan wouldn't really work, as the characters have quite different modes of speech and choices of words. It'd be better (in terms of finished quality and as a learning experience) to write them yourselves.


If you want to post or PM me your Garrick banter ideas, though, then please do and I'll give you pointers on what the Garrick I wrote for BG1NPC might say. :)

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Aye, it is so. Now I've got him joinable, but he is too silent. :) Considering that I have Xzar and Alora - I see no banters at all in the whole game.


Well... you know, I am not that good in English and my imagination is fa-ar from good too. I can change some dialogs so that they'll fit the characters, but I'm not able to write completely new ones, as well as I have no ideas of what they can be talking about. Anyways it is not going to be "Garrick-MOD", rather it's "Kanny is again collecting bards!" :D But if you wish, I can post here what changes I'll make to the dialogs.

(Methinks Garrick-Alora/Xzar doesn't need any changes at all.) Nice for those, who have never seen NPC-Project (like me, for example, - it just doesn't let be installed) :D

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If it's just something you're going to play with by yourself, then do whatever you want. :)


If you want to release it somewhere, though, then yes I'd prefer if you detailed which dialogues you used and altered.


Where are Alora and Xzar from? CoM and TDD?

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Well, I'm going to use it for myself AND put on my site so that someone else can use it if they wish.

Alora? I don't know - what I have is just called Alora-MOD (by Chosen of Mystra) and Xzar is just CTRL+Q for now.

What I was going to make is just - Garrick talks to every NPC + something like a CrossMod where Garrick talks to Lora, Xzar, Eldoth and Monty (one day all of them will be released as NPC-MODs, and NO TDD!) and all of them talk to each other.

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