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A few translations needed for PsTweak...


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Some of you may know we're putting together a Tweak Pack for Ps:T.


There's a few lines we need translating into as many (reasonable) languages as possible:


@1 = ~Platter's Unofficial Fixpack~

@2 = ~True Shadow~

@3 = ~Higher Stacking, Including Rings/Bracelets/Earrings~

@4 = ~Identify All Items~

@5 = ~This step may take some time...~

@6 = ~Reveal City Maps~

@7 = ~Max HP For Party Members~

@8 = ~Rest Anywhere~


Thanks to any takers... :)

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@1 = ~Pack de Arreglos No Oficiales de Platter~

@2 = ~Sombra Verdadera~

@3 = ~Agrupamientos Mayores, Incluyendo Anillos/Brazaletes/Pendientes~

@4 = ~Identificar todos los Objetos~

@5 = ~Esto puede llevar unos momentos...~

@6 = ~Revelar los Mapas de la Ciudad~

@7 = ~HP Máxima para los Miembros del Grupo~

@8 = ~Descansar en Cualquier Lugar~

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@1 = ~Aggiornamento non ufficiale di Platter~

@2 = ~Ombra reale~

@3 = ~Più magazzino , compresi Anelli/Bracciali/Orecchini~

@4 = ~Identifica tutti gli oggetti~

@5 = ~Questo passo potrebbe richiedere del tempo...~

@6 = ~Scopri le mappe delle città~

@7 = ~Massimi PF per i membri del gruppo~

@8 = ~Riposa ovunque~

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Einige von euch werden wissen, dass ich einen TweakPack für Ps:T zusammenstelle.


Hier sind ein paar Zeilen, die eine Überetzung in so viele (vernünftige) Sprachen wie möglich brauchen.


@1 = ~Platter's Unoffizieller Fixpack~

@2 = ~Echter Schatten~

@3 = ~Erhöhte Stapelbarkeit von Gegenständen inklusive Ringen/Armbändern/Ohringen~

@4 = ~Alle Gegenstände sind identifiziert~

@5 = ~Dieser Vorgang kann etwas dauern...~

@6 = ~Alle Stadtkarten sind sichtbar~

@7 = ~Maximale Trefferpunkte für alle Gruppenmitglieder~

@8 = ~Ãœberall ausruhen~


Danke an alle, die meiner Aufforderung nachkommen... :)

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Danke schon, muchos gracias, etc. :) Shall I credit you as your nicknames, or any other name you wish to supply?


(unfortunately my command of foreign languages is limited to conversational French and German)


If anyone else wants to add languages then please continue posting.


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@1 = ~Fixpack non-officiel de Platter~

@2 = ~Ombre véritable~

@3 = ~Empilage étendu, Incluant anneaux/bracelets/boucles d'oreilles~

@4 = ~Identifier tous les objets~

@5 = ~Cette étape peut prendre du temps...~

@6 = ~Dévoiler les cartes des villes~

@7 = ~HP maximum pour les membres du groupe~

@8 = ~Repos en tout lieu~


Traduction par Garfield des D'Oghmatiques.

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Merci beaucoup, Garfield.


For any future takers we no longer need the first line, since Platter would prefer to keep his FixPack only available on his site (so it is easier to update). :)


Hopefully the tweak pack will be available, err, soon...

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