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Amber NPC Mod review


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Amber NPC Mod




Current version: closed beta v6 (SoA only)




Meira Erviälä

Ville Marttila (aka 'Darios')









Chaotic Good Tiefling Dual-class Fighter(lvl 6)/Thief



STR 12

DEX 19

CON 15

INT 14

WIS 12





Custom items: Spear +2, Buckler +2, Bracelet (gives protection from fear and Luck), possibility of upgrading Blade of Roses, key ring, book of rings and few more.None of the items is overpowered.

Weapon proficencies: Long swords, daggers, bows and spears.


Balance: Amber is well balanced character. She has few innate powers like blinding the target and gains few others as she advances in level. She also has 1% of fire resistance per level. She also has disadvantages that balance out her special abilities: because she in not very tall she can't use bigger weapons like great swords and can't wear armour heavier than studded leather, helmets (apart from Ioun stones) and shield larger than buckelrs (she is able to get all weapon proficiecies but is hardscripted to drop those items that are to big for her).


Personality: As a tiefling, Amber has some unpleasant experiences from her past. She is harsh at the beggining and does not give her trust easily. That changes later and she can become a trusty companion.


Quests: Amber has 3 mini quests and none of them is difficult.


Compatability: The Mod was tested with most popular Mods and there seem to be no conflicts.No game areas and world map are changed by the Mod as well.


Features: Amber comes with her own fighting script.Nothing special here.

One of her most interesting feature is her talking script. When she wants to start a banter, instead of shouting through half of screen, she comes to the character. This makes her more realistic :p

Another interesting feature is on Love Talk with setting PC's look with variables, which are later used in other LTs.

And multiplayer-friendly flirt pack which allows to flitr with her without pausing the game (this component is optional).


Technical issues: The Mod gives a custom portrait with separate one for vampire Amber. Voicing part is not yet


finished. Only few minor characters are voiced and there is no voice for Amber as well as no banter music.Full voicing should be included in v1. There are no gamestopping bugs.There is a possibility of some minor ones but this is still a beta version.


Romance and frienship track: Males of any race can romance Amber as long as they have at least 12 CHA and 12 INT. There is also romance option for player 2 (multiplayer romance). Amber starts with casual GTKU talks and after them player can decide to start romance or frienship path (friendship path not restricted to gender or stats). All standard romance featues are included (flirts, vampirism, romance confilcts with Bioware 3 and so).


Banters and interjections: Amber has banters with all Bioware NPCs and one extra banter for each of then in Underdark.

She has also chapter talks and some special situation banters (for example in Underdark).


Summary: Amber is a very interesting character with deep personality. She is headstrong but also needs help sometimes.

Amber can be a big threat to Fade and I have a hard time thinking which one of them take with me. I really enjoyed playing this Mod and I just can't wait to play the full version and ToB part.

Personally I can't find any drawback (apart from the fact that it is still not completed). So my I must say 9/10 for the beta. (but v1 will probably get 10/10)





(post will be updated in the future when new version will be released)


EDIT1: changed version to v6

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