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Resistance Modifiers


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Have the functionality of the following effects been verified, as I cant make them



Stat: Missiles Resistance Modifier [89]


Stat: Piercing Resistance Modifier [88]


Stat: Crushing Resistance Modifier [87]


Stat: Slashing Resistance Modifier [86]


I assigned the effects to a shield as an equipping effect with target set to self

and timing set to while equipped.

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#87 (0x57) Stat: Crushing Resistance Modifier [87]

    Parameter #1: Statistic Modifier

    Parameter #2: Type


    Applies the modifier value specified by the 'Statistic Modifier'

    field in the style specified by the 'Type' field.


    Known values for 'Type' are:

    0  Cumulative Modifier -> Damage = Damage + 'Statistic Modifier'


    1  Flat Value Modifier -> Damage = 'Statistic Modifier' value

    2  Percentage Modifier -> Damage = (Damage * 'Statistic Modifier'

    value) / 100


I interpreted "damage" as points of damage, instead off persentage of damage.

5% of 8 is 0.4, no reduction, and 20% of 8 is 1.6, one point reduction.


"damage" should probably be changed to "resistance" in the quoted effect description, and the others like it.

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