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Coran romance oddness


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First, I should say that this is a brilliantly conceived and written bit of modding. Great stuff.


Anyway, I'm having some issues with the baby subplot. I rushed through the main plot the first time I was in Baldur's Gate, and didn't meet Brielbara until Chapter 7. So the first time I did this, upon recovery of the book the whole 'Coran rejects Brielbara's offer again' interjection repeated over and over.


I thought it might be some variable-related wierdness due to the lovetalk I was on (had just passed the 'get the moon' one). So I reloaded fooled around a bit before meeting her for the quest, and got to the business about the vow. This time things seemed to work -- the rejection interjection popped up, then Coran talking to me about going back, then the 'ok, I changed my mind' dialogue with Brielbara. Right after each other. But then the 'ok, that's enough, I'm going to dump the baby' interjection came up immediately after -that-, and the 'I'm back, time for adventuring' right after. He must have left and rejoined because he moved to the bottom of the pile.


Is this supposed to run together like that? If so, ok, though it sucks to miss the baby talks. But the problem is, I'm still holding the undroppable child! I guess it's flagged quest-critical?


I guess you're supposed to meet her before going off to Candlekeep, but it's a bit late to replay all that.

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That sounds like a mess. In theory it *should* not depend on chapter at all. I will be retesting Coran's romance as a part of the pre-release testing and will make sure the good ending works smoothly - I have made some improvements on the coding lately, so I hope it will aleviate the troubles. Thank you for the report.

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Just popping up to say I've tested Coran Romance before the vacation, and paths 3,4,5 worked smoothly. :p (Path 1, up to Briel's quest, too - then I just couldn't take a *baby* into my party.) So, as path 2 is almost equal to path 4, probably only Briel's Quest - good ending needs testing.


So the first time I did this, upon recovery of the book the whole 'Coran rejects Brielbara's offer again' interjection repeated over and over.


Yep, this one I reported during one of my last beta-runs.

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Hmm... I'm running into a possibly related problem with the coran romance.


I did the Briel quest in chapter 5, and it worked fine. I finished doing Candlekeep, Coran decides to return the baby, I returned to the Sturgeon, he initiated conversation and rejoined the party. So far, so good.


But now, when I try to talk to Coran, the first time he'll say his rejoining line again ("back to the adventure") and if I talk to him again, he'll say his line about returning to the Sturgeon to drop of the kid again, and disappear from the party!


On one try, he immediately started up his rejoining dialogue again, even though he now was in the Sturgeon inn, whilst the rest of my party was in Ulgoth's Beard. Very weird.


Extra info: I'm running the latest version of the NPC project (version 10).

Other mods installed include Tutu, TutuFix, BG1GUI and the Tutu tweakpack. The NPC project was installed last and had given no problems whatsoever until now.


Unrelated info: the mod is great! I'm kicking myself for not installing it earlier, as it adds whole new dimensions to the game. Disadvantage is I'm spending way too much time playing BG now, but well. I think I can live with that. Soo many NPCs left to try...

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Hi Guest, we have troubleshooted the problem and the romance ending is fixed in the upcoming V11 (er... keeping my fingers crossed). I've done a number of changes to Coran's code, but as a make-do solution, try setting CoranMoves Global variable to 6 and Global "CNRBabeBack" to 2.


If that fails to resolve his perpetual desire to return the baby, V11 is only a couple of weeks away, or I can send you the link to the next alpha and you can test it for me to confirm that fixes work. Though of course, I cannot guarantee that it will solve the TUTU addiction problem :)

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No longer a guest:


That seemed to work just fine. The variables were 5 and 1 respectively, in my game. Now, he no longer wants to return the non-existent baby, and the flirt menu appears as normal.


Hrm... was there perhaps supposed to be an additional conversation of some sort after Coran rejoined the party? In my game, he just said "back to the adventure" and didn't refer to it again... but sometimes my rather slow computer skips a banter or interjection if said NPC accidentally receives an order of some sort before processing the dialogue... if I skipped something, that could explain why the variables weren't updated. (or not. I don't know how this stuff works, really.)


Anyway, thanks for the help, and I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of your work. And as for the addiction problem... I'm past caring, I'm afraid. I'll just have to live with it.

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Yes, the dialogue when he re-joins is different from the non-romance one and there is a follow-up lovetalk (I miss Namara etc). What you are getting with the baby is actually the non-romance dialogues. I would advise still to reset the CNRBabeBack to 2 (as it is now an 'open' Global allowing this dialogue to happen any time a script calls for one) and check what's your CoranRomancePath is. If it's not 7, I'd rset it to 7, just to eliminate further troubles. :)

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