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Customizing a Kit

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Correct on the proficiencies, I initially wanted to give some extra poficiencies on level up here and there but the opcode limitations forced me to do it at character creation. I also agree that alignment restrictions aren't really "disadvantages" per se but it felt right for the Kit.


[edit, Idobek was too quick to post] @ Andyr I've PM'd you some further info.

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Thank you Andyr, the bigg and Idobek for the advice and assistance. I appreciate the time and effort of you and all the others on this board to provide assistance and be a sounding board for those of use new to modding.


@Andyr - I'll go ahead and implement those changes we discussed via PM and play through to see how it all works out.


Thanks again all,


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Hey all, new question same topic. I have been able to implement everything I wanted but have noticed an issue as I play through with my Kit. I used the Swashbuckler usability flag per a suggestion from Andyr ( :) thanks btw) the only problem is that I'm getting 25 ability points per level for thieving skills. I feel like this is way too much. I've looked through the opcodes numerous times and have not found anything related to changing the amount of thieving skill points awarded per level. I think the 15 points Assassins get is about right but they get other abilities I don't want. I can negate the poison weapon ability eliminating that SPL file from the CLAB, but the backstab ability would still be an issue.


So my question is basically this: Is there some way to manipulate the amount of thieving skill points awarded at level up? If not would taking the Assassin usability flag and creating a SPL file that gives a penalty to backstab at each level it increases suit my purposes? Any other (easier) suggestions would be welcome.




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You change skill points gained by using the kit flags - aside from that it is hardcoded. So try to add the Assassin unusability flag to the kit too (you should be able to add the values for Swashbuckler and Assassin together with the Windows calculator to figure out what to type, if you want to use both kit flags).


Adding the Assassin flag will only restrict skill points and item use; it won't control abilities like poisoning as those are entirely handled by CLAB.

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Thanks again Andyr :) . I had a feeling it might be hardcoded so I wanted to ask before spending more time like this: :party:


By adding the usability flags together I accomplish removal of the backstab ability and a reduction in the skill points gained on level up all in one fell swoop, yes? Superb idea! I'll give that a try when I get home tonight and see how it works.



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If you are referring to Rangers (as I think from your other thread) then their 2 free stars in dual-wielding is hardcoded, though 6oS thinks that Archers don't get them so that might be a feature of their kit flag.


Aside from that there's no file to control that, though you can set them via .SPL so could set some in the CLAB or something. :)

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