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Dexterity skill modifiers


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Sir_Kill spotted an interesting bug. skilldex.2da starts from 9, meaning that a thief with under 9 dexterity won't have his/her skills adjusted correctly. This bug is also present in BG1. I'm not sure of the circumstances under which it'll show up. Stat drain for one, I'd presume.

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I'll add an obscure BAM bug: ISCRL5A.bam (in GUIIcon.bif). The second animation (the actual scroll BAM as opposed to the spell symbol) has always bugged me because the right-hand side is cut off. A bit of c/ping from another BAM and possibly a little blending and it should be okay.

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Looks like there are actually loads of the spell symbols cut off, from 5A onwards. I don't see the problem with the rolled up scroll picture.


Ok, I'm a muppet. I meant the icon one instead of the scroll one. For some reason I was thinking the first frame was the icon without the scroll background and the second was the one with.


I meant this one:


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