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bug re: main Trademeet merchant?


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Does anyone know the creature code for the main merchant at Trademeet in SoA/ToB, so that I can CLUA him in? I'm using the tweakpack, but this may just be a BG2 bug: after completing the Shadow Druid and djinni trade embargo quests, only a few of the Trademeet merchants appear. There's only the smith, a merchant in a tent, and a dwarf merchant at the market. I need the merchant who sells Club +3, Blackblood.


Or at least, does anyone know the price for Blackblood? That's the main reason I went to Trademeet, to get that item. I could equip it via Shadowkeeper and subtract the gold. Though it would be nice to see what else the merchant has for sale.

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Thanks kindly, don't know what possessed me to ask that of you.  I wasn't set up to cheat stuff in, but it took but a second.  Thanks again.  :p

Heh, I know I'm lazy... I've no qualms to firing up Near Infinity and do a couple of searches, but as many modders I somehow forgot how to play the game and am reluctant to fire up the game :p

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I'm grateful for your help. :p


I'm told that there are supposed to be two merchants in the temple of Waukeen in Trademeet, and they also have failed to materialize due to this apparent bug. 'Twould be much appreciated if you can provide their creature codes as well (or at least whichever one has the Robe of Vecna). Tnx once more if you can help out here.


Btw, is there a list of all the creature codes on a site somewhere? I found one by Dan Simpson but unfortunately it doesn't include a description for each code: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/2203.html


Edit: Ack, never mind, those merchants are in Waukeen's Promenade in Athkatla. I misinterpretted someone else's post on another site to mean the temple of Waukeen in Trademeet. I'm not having a problem with the afore-mentioned merchants in Athkatla appearing. Sorry for the confusion.

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You can find the guy with Vecna's robe at the Ribald (she's named Deirde), and the other guy in the Copper Coronet (Joluv). If you can't find them, their codes are wmart1 and wmart2.

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