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8 Mod Releases to Celebrate G3's 2nd Anniversary


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The Gibberlings Three invites you to celebrate our second anniversary! It's been an enjoyable two years providing a fun environment for modders and players, and we look forward to the start of our third year. To celebrate, we've made a big push to provide even more of the quality Infinity Engine mods you've come to expect from us with 8 mod releases.


Cleric Remix leaves beta and has been re-christened the Divine Remix, to reflect its growing breadth. Divine Remix now covers all divine spellcasting classes--clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers--and features much new content. The first of many new changes to druids has been included, as well as a new Heartwarder of Sune cleric kit. The spell sphere and kit system has been revamped and stabilized.


To complement our ever-growing line of Tweak Packs, G3 is pleased to unveil the Planescape: Torment Tweak Pack. Based off G3 Tweaks, this mod seeks to bring many of the same customizations to the modding-fickle Planescape: Torment.


Three new mini-mods have been added as well. Moinesse's Avatars, previously available as zip files, have been modernized and packaged in a WeiDU installer so players can better enjoy her new paperdolls and avatars. Plasmocat has produced a beautiful series of ethnic portraits for BG2 NPCs, available collectively as Plasmocat's Portrait Pack. You can preview the portraits in our Portrait Gallery. The third new mini-mod comes courtesy of icelus' Shards of Ice, a WeiDU collection of icelus' modding miscellany. Rounding out the eight, G3 Tweaks, NPC Tweak, and Tutu Tweaks have all been updated for the anniversary.


On behalf of G3, we'd like to thank our visitors and resident modders for making this a very enjoyable, productive, and fun two years. As always, we hope you enjoy playing our mods as much as we enjoy making them.

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Moinesse's Avatars sounds intriguing...Is there a way to see how the paperdolls changes ? Something like "Before" and "After" ? :p I also assume that the Mod is compatible with TuTu and One Pixel Production's Paperdolls Mod ? Thanks! :p

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Previews can be found here:

Avatars and PDLs preview 1

Paperdolls Preview 2


Basically, there are many avatars that give females long hair, and change how they look. Barbarians is my particular favorite for long hair on males. Others, like Ninja and Vampire change significantly how a rogue look.


Yes, it's compatible with TUTU, and in fact are the only game I ran them with.


Since both Lightspeed's and Moiness' mods will be overwriting the same files, the component that you'd install the last show up in your game. I have broken down Moiness avatars into separate components, so if you like OPP's changes better, you can always skip that component and go for OPP's one.


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Thank you very much, Domi!


I am extremely interested in the Ninja component and I ask you a question: I want to play with a Wushi Ninja kit. The kit falls under the Thief class. Is it possible for me to associate the Ninja paperdoll component to my Wushi Ninja Thief ?


If it actually is, will all ingame thieves look like Ninja (not desirable) or only my character ?


Thanks again! :p

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I do not know what is in Avatar Morphing script. Basically, as far as I understand, and let the more knowledgeable comrades correct me if I am wrong, what avatar is - it is a selection of animation BAM files that are connected through one header (plus suffix). There are limited amount of these headers. Adding completely 'new' header results in a very weird effect (last time I tried, I got a long blue-ish shape). So all mods that add new animations replace an 'unused' header, thus potentially in conflict between one another. What Moinesse did, and I repeated, was to use the same header as the animation uses in the game. Potentially, what you can do is to find an unused animation header, rename all the Ninja BAM files to use that header, and then assign this header to your character. That's the best idea I can think of. If there is an easier way, I will gladly hear it out.

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Guest Kalindor
what if I use TuTu Tweak's component called Avatar morphing script ? Can I in this case assign the Ninja avatar only and exclusively to one character without any further modifications ?  :)


The Avatar Morphing Script (at least its form in the G3 Tweakpack) simply uses BG scripting comands to set the appearance type of the target PC.


For those who care, it summons a creature who speaks with the user and uses scripting commands such as this:



What this means for you, Salk, is that you can indeed use both. The avatar set replaces avatars that are already in the game as Domi stated. What the morphing script then does is set your character's appearance to that of a class and/or gender you are currently not. The animations used in the Morphing Script are ones which are already in the game, however. What I would recommend to you is to install the ninja avatar for the monk class and then use the avatar morphing script (or NearInfinity or whatever) to set your appearance to monk. This will hardly be noticeable for any other characters besides yourself as enemies in BG2 are very rarely of the monk class.

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Thank you very much for your help,Kalindor. I am not sure I understood well. Let me try and be more clear and tell you what I've understood. Let's say that in the game (just an example), we have these default avatars:









I know there are many more variations depending on gender, sex and such but it's just an example. My goal is to make one of my characters (a Male Human Thief) look like a Ninja.


Okay...One of Moinesse's components is perfect. Problem is, to what I understood, that it replaces the Monks avatar to make Monks look like Ninjas.


In this case, I presume, all Monks in the game (both PC and NPC) will look like Ninjas by having a new Avatar for them. My Thief will still look like a Thief instead. What you suggest to do is to morph (via Avatar Morphing or NI) my Monk back by assigning to it the Monk avatar again and at the same time morph my Thief into a Ninja in the same way. Am I correct in my assumption ?


If I am correct, I don't understand one thing. I thought that the new Avatar (Ninja) would replace completely the Monk one. In this case, how can I morph back my Monk to look again like a Monk ? I hope I have been clear! Thanks! :)

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You are absolutely correct.


You cannot have just one character to look different unless you use a 'single creature avatar', for example Volo or Ellesime (who will look like Ninjas then).


Do the following: back up Ellesime's and Volo's animation BAMs. Rename the Ninja BAMs to have both Volo and Ellesime's HEADER; keep them somewhere. While playing BG1 in TUTU use Ellesime's HEADER and Ninja animation for your character (ie replace you char's animation with Ellesime, and place the anims into override). When switching to BG2, restore Ellesime's animation to default from your back-ups and now swap your char's animation to Volo's. Alternatively, if you don't mind Volo look like a Ninja, just do the exersise once.


The problem, again, is that you cannot add a new HEADER in the game, you have to use an existing HEADER, ie some creature animation. You can use a HEADER for a creature animation NOT USED in the game, see Vlad's tutorial on the example of the HEADER, but then you are risking running a conflict with any mod that adds new creature animations.


Ouff, this is at least my understanding of how things work. Once again, if someone knows a better way, I want to hear it, since when I tried to introduce a new HEADER I ended up with the walking blue blobs.

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