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Multi-Install Management


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Ok, as it stands MIT is a fairly bare-bones app - it copies some stuff, and edits a file. What it *doesn't* do is keep track of what it's done.

What I'm planning is a fix to this - keep a list of all installations (in, I would think, a specially formatted text file, in an appropriate location), and the initial screen should show these to the User. User can then select an install, and either play it or delete it. They can also create a new install (via something like our current dialogue - possible some differences, see below).



- Makes sense.

- Leaves micro-management to the computer, letting the user get on with the job at hand.



- More code. But a re-write has been on the books for far too long anyway.


What do people think of this?

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Sounds good. If you can have a start-up screen that says "Play BGII with the following mods: XXXX ", or even a unique name for each install, you don't need to remember where the hell you left your beta-testing install for this mod or that, or which mods you have on your general install and so on.

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