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Well, here we are with a good oldfashioned Q&A session. Our special guest is none other than the young tiefling lass: Keli! She'll be here in a few minutes, so I'll explain the rules. Her lovely sister Inara cannot get into this room so feel free to ask whatever you like without worrying about Inara's opinion.


Keli will edit your posts with her response(s). Please state your name in bold beforehand for each question and Keli will reply to each one.



Grim: What is your favourite food?


Keli: [insert reply]


Grim: What underwear are you wearing?


Keli: [insert reply]


Keli's here, so the interrogation can begin...

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Grim: What is your favourite food?


Keli: Hmm... that's a tough one. I will generally try almost anything. However, I think my favorite would have to be that new delicacy from Maztica - Chocolate!


Grim: What underwear are you wearing?


Keli: :D Umm... that's kind of a personal question... :D

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Sav: What is your name?


Keli: That's a silly question. My name is Keli. If, however, you are referring to my given name, I doubt you could pronounce it and I don't like it anyway.


Sav: What is your quest?


Keli: It will be to find my sister, Inara.


Sav: What is your favourite colour?


Keli: I have two, actually. I like blue and silver.

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Meira: How would you describe your sister?


Keli: Hmm... how would I describe Inara? Well, she's about 5'7" with red hair and cat-like eyes... Oh, you mean what's she like? She's very bossy, and she's always trying to hook me up with some boy or another... as long as she thinks he's not her type. She acts like I'm five years old and can't look after myself. She accuses me of taking her stuff, and *she's* the one that's a thief! And she's always dragging me around places and SHE NEVER ONCE ASKS ME WHERE I'D LIKE TO GO OR IF I EVEN WANT TO GO! Sorry, but I felt I needed to get that off my chest. I guess the bottom line is, yeah, I love her, but she's my bloody stinkin' older sister!

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Loké: (Got this from your sisters thread ) Do you like to be on top?


Keli: On top? On top of what? On top of a mountain? Yes the view is quite lovely looking down onto Lake Weng. What's that you say? That isn't what you meant? You were talking about... WHAT?... oh um... :D:D:D:D

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Octopus: What's with the horns and all?


Keli: As I understand it, it's some of the traits that a Tiefling can have. I don't really know much about Tieflings, since my mother would never tell me anything much.


Octopus: So, you do'in something tonight? I know a great tavern a few feets away, great wine and great beds too. :D


Keli: :D:D:D


Octopus: You woudn't have seen a holy grail somewhere?


Keli: I've heard of Holy Symbols but not holy grail. What is a grail anyway?

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Loké: Are all these personal questions embarrising you? Well, alright, making you so embaressed you want to curl up and hide....


Keli: Hmmph. Questions like these should be reserved for when a couple knows each other *MUCH* better. And why would I hide from the likes of you?

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Kalen (my PC): Have you ever considered growing your hair longer?


Keli: No, not really. I would think it would be a hassle to take care of if it were longer.


Kalen: What do you think of Minsc?


Keli: Minsc? I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting anyone by the name of Minsc.


Kalen: If you were an animal, what would you be?


Keli: Probably a bird. Timid, shy and rather easily startled, but willing to defend those that are weaker.


Kalen: How do you feel about all this killing we end up doing?


Keli: I don't much care for it, but it is sometimes necessary in order to defend those that can't defend themselves. As a cleric of Selune and a Silverstar, that is my job, or at least part of it.


Kalen: What's the scariest creature you've seen on your travels?


Keli: Hmm... would it count to say Inara when she's had one too many ales? No? Ah well then, let me think... there was the one time Inara decided to scavenge a particularly rich looking graveyard. It looked as though no one had tended to it in quite some time. I tried to get Inara to leave this one alone, but she insisted there was treasure to be had, so in we went. Well, we found out why it was abandoned - Vampires! I'd never seen any before and it seemed as though they couldn't be killed. We finally ran for our lives, although the encounter left us weakened and requiring a trip to a temple for healing.


Kalen: Do you like ducks?


Keli: Do I like ducks? I hadn't thought about it really. There were some that seemed to gather at Lake Weng. A very noisy lot - it made it hard to meditate.


Kalen: What's Inara's most annoying habit?


Keli: Things she does to me or just in general? Well, the list of things she does to me is quite long. But just in general I would have to say it's probably the fact that she seems to have to touch you in some way when she's talking to you. You know, jab you in the chest or hit you on the arm or some such.


Kalen: If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?


Keli: Probably the horns. People jump to the conclusion that I'm evil just because I have horns. Or maybe the freckers - I get tired of people asking about the spots.


Kalen: Which of these questions did you have to think hardest about?


Keli: What animal would I be.

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Meira: How did you become a Silverstar of Selune? I know that she is among other thing a goddess of good and neutral werewolves, but was it easy for a tiefling to become her cleric? Did other members have prejudges because of your ancestors? Or is this something you prefer to discuss when we know each other better, as matters of faith are sort of personal issues? (Sorry about jointed questions. :D )


Keli: It was difficult to become a Silverstar as there is much training and study required. Regarding how I became a cleric of Selune to begin with, my mother was also a cleric and I was born in the Selunite temple-city of Minsor Vale. One of our prime doctrines is to fight prejudice and bigotry, so if other clerics were not accepting of me, they kept it to themselves; I never heard about it at least. And while matters of faith are personal issues, as a cleric of Selune, part of my duty is to spread the word of her love and light.

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Loké: What's your favorite food, and why?


Keli: Actually, I already answered this. But as to why I like chocolate... I guess you've never had any? It's kinda a comfort food - not only does it taste really REALLY good, but it also makes me feel good.

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Kalen: What would you look for in a man?


Keli: I would want him to be open-minded - open to new ideas and possibilities. Courage would also be another important attribute, not only to stand up to danger, but also knowing when to retreat; it takes a brave man to admit his limitations. I'd also like him to speak his heart and not hide his feelings. Someone who enjoys long walks and watching the sunset or curling up in front of a fire and simply enjoying each other's company. Outward appearance is not important; what I'm interested in is the inner man.

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