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Ooo, Aklon...


Keli: No, no, Bev, you may *NOT* reply in this thread!


Aklon: I have noticed that you seem to be less enthusiastic for travel than your sister. As a preistess, would you prefer to remain static, to better educate those around you, or do you find that moving, distasteful as it may be, improves your ability to encourage your faith?


Keli: I think my biggest objection to being dragged all over the bloody place is that I've never been told why. But yes, I am glad to have the opportunity to "spread the word" as I've heard it said. And as a Silverstar I'm also looking for opportunities to end slavery. Once Inara started taking me with her, I was surprised at the amount of it there seems to be. People being sold for no more than a piece of cloth and then forced to do things against their will. Totally disgusting!


Aklon: And now, a more personal question. Feel free to stay silent, if you wish. Your ancestry must cause you some difficulty, especially here in Amn. If you could, would you change what you are?


Keli: Well, when I was little it was particularly difficult. Some children weren't even allowed to speak to me. But if I could change who I am... well, duh, I'm a teenager, there's always something I would like to change. Ok, I'll be serious... I've come to terms with what I am - becoming a Silverstar has helped with that. I've learned that no matter who you are, there are always going to be people that don't like something about you, but you must try to except them anyway.

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Kalen: Have you ever been REALLY drunk? And if so, what happened?


Keli: I generally stay away from the stuff as it tends to interfere with concentration, making it difficult to form spells. However, there was this one time Inara gave me this drink saying it was just like liquid candy. Well, me and my sweet tooth. :D Anyway, not realizing what was actually in the drink, and feeling pleasantly warm, I ordered another... and another... and another... I woke up the next morning on the floor of my room with nothing on save the blanket someone had so thoughtfully covered me with and no memory of what happened after the fourth drink. :D

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Loké: Warhammers, flails or maces? Do you find tromping around in full plate as uncomfortable as I do? And for good luck, what's your faveorite tale, and what types of land [Desert, forest, so on] is your faveorite?


Keli: Mace, of course, being the favored weapon of Selune. And yes, it's very uncomfortable to wear plate mail. An oven in hot weather and dreadfully cold in the winter. Plus, Inara gets very annoyed if I'm clanking about.


Hmm... my favorite tale... are you meaning a talisman of some sort I carry around? Well, no I really don't have anything like that. If you mean a story, I've always loved the one about Selune and Shar and their magical battle that ended up creating the Weave.


As for the type of terrain I prefer, I love being around the water. I grew up at Lake Weng, you know. Sometimes I would sit and watch the lake for hours.

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Meira: So, what sort of cheese you like?


Keli: I suppose if I have to choose, it would probably be the cheese with all the holes in it. It has a rather sour taste that is interesting. Plus, I wonder why they would put all those holes in it anyway.

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Bri: So Keli, what do you recommend to do with a recalcitrant male who can't keep their eye from roving?


Keli: Umm... smack him down? :D Truthfully, though, if all he's doing is looking, then what's the harm? If it's more than that, however, I guess I'm not doing something right and should probably do something about it. Umm... did I get that right? I'm not very experienced at this sort of thing...

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UU: Urm...Keli, how come you've got spots but your sister doesn't??? :D


Keli: I've spent more time in the sun? I dunno, but I've noticed that freckers don't occur in every member of a family - not that I've seen all that many families.

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Xander(my PC): Would you trust a Paladin to help you find your sister?


Keli: It would depend on how I was approached by said paladin. I tend to view all strangers with a certain amount of suspicion.


Xander: Would you object if I killed a Knight by the name of Anomen in your honor?


Keli: Is this Anomen fellow a follower of Shar?


Xander: Do you have a special, and favorite weapon?


Keli: Yes, I have a mace called Moon's Hand. It is both special and my favorite.

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Loké: Which moment frustrated you the most and which one did you find most hilarious?


Keli: :D Could you be a little more specific here? I mean I'm like, you know, 17 years old and there's been lots of moments. And, uh, almost every moment with Inara is frustrating. I mean, do you have an older sister?

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Loké: I did have an elder brother. I killed him. I mean the moment where you thought 'F**K IT ALL FOR F**K'S SAKE!' and the funniest thing you've ever seen or done.


Keli: You killed him?!?!?! :D I must admit that I've felt that way about Inara at times, but I don't think I'd ever go through with it. That must be an interesting tale, to say the least. Perhaps you'll tell me about it sometime.


As for my most frustrating moment, clerics of Selune are required to perform two rituals a year. One of them, known as the Mystery of the Night, requires much coordination. It involves pouring milk and wine while chanting and dancing. I never thought I was going to be able to perform this wonderful ritual. Thankfully my mentor was most patient with me.


Hmm... the funniest moment... let me think... Oh yes, it was during our travels. Inara and I were making our way to Trademeet along the Alandor River when we decided we were hungry. Not being near a town where we could simply grab something to eat, Inara thought she would try her hand at fishing - literally. "How hard could it be?" she asked, "I pick pockets all the time." Well, it's probably one of those you had to be there moments, but watching Inara splash around in the water was quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen!

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Dante Ebonhand: What is your happiest memory? Your saddest? If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?


Keli: My happiest memory? That would have to be all the time I spent with my mother. It wasn't always a lot, since I seemed to be having lessons, but Mother always made it very special times. She would spend time braiding my hair (yes, at one time my hair was longer) and she would tell me wonderful stories - mostly of Selune.


My most sad? That would be when my mother died.


If I could change one thing about my life I think it would be the perception by others that I am evil because of my appearance.

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Aklon: I have a question regarding what you asked me about slavery. As a priestess, you no doubt have the capacity to summon and control a variety of creatures, both local and extraplanar in origin. In the context of slavery, do you view the use of this ability as a necessary evil, irrelevant, or perhaps simply a means to call on the aid of creatures already aligned with Lady Selune and, therefore, your allies rather than your minions?


Keli: I look upon summoned creatures to be allies. It distresses me when they are injured in battle, and, if possible, will attempt to heal them. They are free to come and go as they please and they are bound to me only within the confines of the spell.


Aklon: You do seem rather thrown by the nature of some of the questions being asked. Are you naturally a private person, or would you consider your upbringing at the temple to be on the sheltered side?


Of course, if you consider the question too private, simply say so.


Keli: I think that it is some of both, although more due to the fact that my upbringing was so sheltered. Until Inara started taking me with her, I hadn't really had much contact with others save for those in Minsor Vale and I wasn't always treated kindly, which has lead me to being somewhat withdrawn.

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Loké: What do you see yourself as when your older? A high preistess, or adventuring on your own or settled down with a family and as many kids as you possible, or...?


Keli: Well, as much as I might like to, I don't think it's really feasible for me to become a high priestess. Besides, I don't really think there are any high priests of Selune - being chaotic and all. At least I've never seen any - just the older clerics that hang around the temple.


At times, I really do enjoy travelling around with Inara, so I could see myself wandering about. There are so many places I've heard of that I'd like to visit.


I can also see myself settled down with many children. Yes, I think I'd like a large family.

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