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Just a note to let everyone know that Keli is still alive and well, but unable to answer questions at the moment. She's a bit under the weather and should be returning soon.

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Loke: Get better soon! ::gives her some flowers/whatever she likes::


Keli: Aw, you're awfully sweet. And thank you for the good wishes and the flowers and stuff!

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Loke: ::smirks slightly:: What would you *like* to be in the future?


Keli: OK, I'll try to be serious here. *Keli puts on serious face* I think my main problem with seeing myself in the future is that there are so many possibilities I haven't yet explored. Inara is showing me that by taking me with her. So, at least for now, I think I'd like to keep traveling.

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Dashael: I've discussed this at length with a couple of other individuals in similar interview threads as this, but from your perspective, do you find frequent plane travellers more arogant than those who only reside on any one particular prime world? I mean when a planewalker arrives on a prime world, don't you think many of them look down their noses at the Primes?


Keli: I don't know that I've actually met any Plane travellers. So I'm probably not the best one to discuss this with. I know that clerics of Shaundakul map various portals that lead to the planes, but they don't necessarily travel there. As for arrogant people, you'll find them anywhere going on about anything they think they've done that others haven't and letting you know how much better they are because they have. Inara finds them particularly funny.

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Urborg Vengrath: What is evil?


Keli: I believe that evil is the purposeful intent to harm another without due cause.


Urborg Vengrath: Can a thing be evil?


Keli: I don't think that an inanimate object is inherently evil. I do know that they can be given evil properties. So yes, there are certain times when you will find an evil thing.


Urborg Vengrath: Can an idea be evil?


Keli: Yes, an idea can be evil.


Urborg Vengrath: If the only way to save an entire village of townfolk was to kill your own sisiter, would you do it?


Keli: I would probably try to negotiate another deal. As annoying as Inara can be at times, it's nice to have her around.


Urborg Vengrath: Care for a cookie? *Opening a leather pouch he holds it out to her. Within are stored a small number of day old cookies with white chocolate chips .*


Keli: Ooo, chocolate... no, wait, I was told about taking stuff from suspicious strangers.

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Loké: I was wondering about asking you this but then I thought 'what the hell'. I already asked you sis this, and hers was an interesting response:


Leather or Rubber? (I would have suggested latex, but well...) Modest or revealing?


Keli: Neither, actually. It is very hot wearing that stuff. And modest, of course. I'm not a cleric of Sune after all...

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Loké: Nah, leather's fine. I've been wearing it for years. A good set of leather is better than cloth anyday. And yea, modest is best. Lets the imagineation play. ;p


Keli: Actually, a cloak, blessed by Selune, works quite nicely.



Loké: Anyway. A kind, platonic sort of relationship, or a physical, passionate one? Or a platonic, physical, or.. well. Just what kind of relationship do/would you like with someone?


Keli: Hmmm... a romantic, long-lasting relationship.


Loké: Finally: Chocolate ice-cream or another flavour?


Keli: Ooo, oooo... this one's easy. CHOCOLATE!!!! :rant:

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Userunfriendly: urm...white chocholate, regular chocholate, dark bitter sweet chocholate?


Keli: Oh, gosh, you mean to tell me there's different kinds of chocolate? Oh wow, I'll have to see about finding some.


Userunfriendly: urm..you know inara likes boys and girls, how do you feel about girls???


Keli: Um, sure I like girls. Oh, gosh... you mean... :O:rant::)


Userunfriendly: and do you tease her about it???


Keli: I tease Inara about everything. It's my job, doncha know. Course, sometimes it earns me a swift clout.

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Userunfriendly: hmmm..sometimes i think, keli, that you deliberately play the innocent...more innocent than you really are, just to annoy inara...is that possible???


Keli: Who, me? Innocent? :O And annoy Inara? :rant: Why I would never... well, OK, I always do...


Userunfriendly: if so, does it really bother inara?


Keli: I dunno. You'd have to ask her that.


Userunfriendly: you actually enjoy making inara roll her eyes, right??? :)


Keli: Well, she does it to me enough... :O

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Delainy: *grins* "Darn, so no chance of you settling down somewhere in a nice, warm den somewhere, a harem of men fanning you and catering to your every whim?"


Keli: Hmm... lots of guys... I've never had lots of guys like me... but, naw, I still think I'd rather just have one special guy. :rant:

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Bridgekeeper: What... is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


Keli: Um... aerodynamics not really my speciality. I'd imagine, though, that if the swallow isn't carrying anything it could fly really, really fast.

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Eldae: Do you prefer guys who use magic or guys who use weapons?


Keli: They each have their good points. Magic is good because you don't have to get up close and personal. But there are times when magic doesn't work or doesn't work as well as you might hope.

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Reywind: Uh, how do you feel about, erm, necromancers...


Keli: Those that raise the dead? Ugh. Since Silverstars hate most undead, well... I guess if you raise them to fight evil...

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Userunfriendly: how do you feel about guys who use both weapons and magic??? ;)


Keli: Well, then they are the best of both worlds! Um... oh... OK, I'll be quiet now and... um...

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