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Eldae: How about guys who are slightly (well, a bit more than slightly) eccentric?


Keli: All this talk about the type of guys I like... ;);)


Well, if he's too eccentric, I probably try to find an elder cleric of Selûne to help him.

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Akryn: Can you feel the old blood running through you, as I do? The pulse of evil pounding through your veins? Your heritage and my own be not so dissimilar, though yours is but a weak, pale shadow by comparison. Somewhere inside you, you must understand this, musn't you? You must know what it is like, sympathize, somehow? When the old blood calls, what choice is there but to listen?


Keli: Yes, my blood runs through me just fine. Oh, you mean... well, I've *heard* that tieflings have demons or devils as a parent, but not always. Sometimes they just happen because their parents spent time in the planes.

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Consumer: Do you feel the end justifies the means?


Keli: No, not always. Like when Inara snatches a pie from a window sill because she wants a sweet.


Consumer: Would you put down your life for any cause?


Keli: If it's a cause I truly believe in, then yes, I would do it.


Consumer: Do you like children? Boiled or fried?


Keli: That's just... eww!!!

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Briannandoah: Where have you got your name from? Does it mean anything special?


Keli: As to where I got my name, my mother gave it to me. As for what it means, well, now, if you knew that, you would have power over me, no?

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MrEnnigma: Do you think it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?


Keli: I rather fancy myself as the hopelessly romantic type. So I believe that you love someone forever. However, if you never take a chance, then you have lost nothing to begin with.


MrEnnigma: If you had the power to banish all pain and darkness in the world would you or do you feel there cannot be joy and light without their counterparts?


Keli: Banish all pain and darkness? That would certainly be idyllic. However, without the one, how would you know about the other? So, in effect, I think there would be no knowledge of joy without pain, it would all be the same.


MrEnnigma: If you could change a painful moment in your past would you or would you accept its contribution to who you are now?


Keli: If it were in my power to do so, I think yes, I would.


MrEnnigma: Do you express your pain or do you bury it?


Keli: Inara would say without a doubt, I express my pain... loudly! :thumbsup:

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Monkeyfist: Anyone ever tell you that between the spots and those stubby little horns you look a bit like a giraffe? A sexy giraffe?


Rastor: Do you think that Monkeyfist smells like a baboon?


Jorge: Aw, bloody hell. Stuff it you lot. Give the lady some space before I start knocking heads.


You there! I don't know what the hell a "gerr-affe" is, but I don't like the sound of it so you say yer sorry right quick.


Monkeyfist: Luckily, I am a skilled artiste! A giraffe, for your further review.




Do you deny the resemblance?


Userunfriendly: sigh...everyone knows that keli is a trill... :D


Loké: Oh shush, the pair of you.


MrEnnigma: Are you amazed by how many people here seem to be unable to follow Grim's instructions on how to ask you questions? :D


Grey: Is the hokey pokey truly what it is all about? :D


Keli: I truly don't know what to say about all of this... other than thanks to kind Lord Jorge and Loké for coming to my defense. As for the rest... :thumbsup:

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Reywind: Say you were, eh, attacking a dragon and, well, all of your friends were mercilessly slain, do you think it would be, you know, okay to raise their corpses to continue fighting. Cause, you know, they wanted to kill the dragon, but, eh, death sorta got 'em first.


Keli: Oh, I have no problem with raising the dead - especially under those circumstances. There have been many times when I feared I would have to raise Inara. It's the long dead that I would never bring back... it can only mean trouble.

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Loké: What annoys you the most? (apart from your sister :thumbsup: )


Keli: Hm... besides Inara... that's a hard one... there are so many things that Inara does that annoy me, it's hard to think of something that someone else might do that annoys me. I mean, after Inara, I've learned to tolerate a lot of things. :D

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This might be a bit personal, but where in Sigil are you from? Did you like it there, or were you too young to really remember it?


Whaddaya think of our plane? Sucks don't it? No decency anywhere, what with bhaalspawn on the rampage and nothing to control them, and with that incessant rain in the woods and all that noise in the city ya can't ever get a good night's sleep, neither. Where are the gods when ya need em eh? Then again, you don't see them much in Sigil either so I guess it's not all that bad.




- Those who fear the darkness, have never seen what the light can do...

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Dante Ebonhand: How would you define love? What do you think of the concept? Oh, and...how much lumber would a certain furry mammal with a large tail and a pronounced overbite be able to throw, provided he were capable of throwing lumber?

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Guest Ominae

Ominae: You've not said much in regards to your mother, Keli, I know it is something of a personal subject but I'll admit to more than a little curiousity. Would you tell me of her?



Ominae: You mentioned one who caught your eye in a time long passed, Didn't you? Yes, Yes you did. You were rather withdrawn though, Were your feelings not returned?

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