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Cernd Kit


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On a side note, I feel the pnp Wanderer kit could fit Cernd quite well:


While most druids eventually settle in a specific locale, Wanderers travel widely, delighting in Nature's infinite variety of life.  They typically have a better idea of the "big picture" in the world than other druids and usually remain on good terms with local bards and rangers.  Druidic leaders often use Wanderers as messengers or missionaries.


Role: Wanderers are more gregarious than most druids, and enjoy meeting and talking with people-especially rural folk.  Although they act carefree, this genial nature masks a keen mind and a strong interest in everythinng going on around her.  Many Wanderers have animal companions.

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Everything fits perfectly, I think, except for this:


and enjoy meeting and talking with people-especially rural folk.


Cernd as an extravert does not work for me, no more than Imoen as an introvert.


Though, if you look at his banters he does seem to enjoy chattering with fellow party members, especially Aerie. He does not sulk away from others either.

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Well, he is not chatty because BioWARE put every druidic shred in Jaheira, and Cernd looks to be a poor orphan nobody wanted to write for. But he seems to be a fellow who'd actually signal his former neighbor on the street (I, an introvert, never would), there seems to be a consensus that he should not have abandoned Galia, and everyone seems to know why he did it, while a dissappearance of an introvert would have gone unnoticed. Obviously, Galis could have been the type to loudly appeal to people's sympathy and encourage gossip, and stuff... Also, what speaks in favor of his diplomatic abilities is that he was sent by the grove to investigate a suspicious grove - an introvert is unlikely to get a mission where presuasion, tact and leading negotiations is required. :p

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I really believe that Cernd should stay as the original class Bio made him. I know immediately people are going to ask why so I'll explain.


Cernd(unlike Jaheira) seeks balance be balancing himself and whatever else he can. His calm personality balances the fact that he has infected himself with Lycanthrope. Cernd balances the destruction he can cause as a werewolf by taking a less offensive roll during the rest of the time.



And aside from that, not all Lycanthropes are raving blood thirsty monsters, look at Delainy/Durlyle. They are quite calm as well.


I know I don't have to download this if I don't want to I was just noting something about Cernd in your mod that I didn't really think fit.

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Yes that one would work well. Is it being worked on?

It isn't being worked on for NPC Tweak at this point (for various reasons, most of them having to do with 'time'), and since it has - as far as I know - only been mentioned in passing on other forums, I don't think anyone else would be doing it either.


EDIT: Clarity


As to the original suggestion, I'll let the discussion play out and see what other people think before I make any changes.

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And  aside from that, not all Lycanthropes are raving blood thirsty monsters, look at Delainy/Durlyle. They are quite calm as well.


Delainy/Durlyle does have the advantage of being born a lycanthrope. Infection with the disease makes its victims unable to control the change and violent when they do (Shapeshifters and some others excepted). Born lycanthropes can control the change, but they have aspects of their animal form's personality as well as their human one, all nicely integrated from the begining of their life, not thrust on them by the disease.

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And Shappeshifters as you said and is said in theri description are able to control it. Like I said it was more of an issue of balance. (Priest of Selune are able to control it under certain circumstances as well btw)


And is it known that they were born that way. I just never knew that before.

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I also made a suggestion that the type of lycanthrope the shapeshifter kit is could be altered. I mean, why would a true neutral druid want to be infected by a chaotic evil type of lycanthrope? The true neutral wereboar or weretiger would make far more sense.

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Guest Shard (Moongaze)

I really like that Wanderer kit. To me, Cernd and lycanthropy don't mix. Especially not since werewolves have some serious bugs in the original game, and the only reasonable fix is shipped only with Refinements.

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